You have an idea for a mobile app but no one to build it. There are two ways to go when hiring a mobile app developer. You can go the freelance route or you can go the agency route. This isn’t a pros and cons article, though, because if you’re serious about getting your app made, a freelancer isn’t going to get the job done.

A freelancer is going to be just one person, and it takes more than one person to launch an app. Sure you may have a person that can write code, but do you have a user-interface designer? Do you have a project manager? Do you have someone to audit that code? A freelancer may try to convince you they can handle all these roles, but by spreading themselves thin, they aren’t focusing on making your app the best it can be. Even worse, a one man show is slow, keeping your project in limbo for months and months.

The headache can all be relieved by hiring a team with serious mobile app development experience. Going the agency route gives you an entire team dedicated to your app. You’re getting a team that knows how to create a strategic plan for development, custom branding, and a detailed user story backlog.

A True Development Partner

This partnership is maybe the main differences between agency work and freelance work. Your app shouldn’t be a one and done project. For a mobile app to be truly successful, it has to evolve. It has to be launched early, feedback has to be collected, and changes have to be made. The only way for this to work is if you’re with an agency for the long haul, not a freelancer who needs to move on to the next project to keep making money to pay rent.

We’re not trying to dump on freelancers. Some of our best friends are freelancers, and they serve a legitimate role in building extremely low-budget apps. But if you want your app to have success on major platforms and in major markets, a specialized agency should always be your go-to mobile app developer.

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