Is your app ready to be unleashed on the world?  Are you sure?  Just a few minor bugs can kill an app before it’s even had a chance to crawl.  That’s what makes a comprehensive analysis of your app source code so important.  It can sniff out bugs, any security breaches, or any programming violations.  This risk reduction is vital to an app’s successful launch.

When done properly, every component of your code will be audited separately as well as a whole throughout the entire program.  The highest risk vulnerabilities will always be addressed first and the process will work down from there.

How do you know if your app is vulnerable?  Easy… you attack it.  During a source code audit your team is launching their own attack techniques in an attempt to compromise the application any way that they can.  They need to see if your infrastructure is at risk.  Think of it as a preemptive strategy to protect your app against external threats.  Better now than when it’s in the hands of a user.

A mobile app source code audit will consist of a code review where the quality of your code is vigorously checked to make sure it’s at peak performance.  Software solutions will also be evaluated from conception to implementation, and you should receive full performance reports from all these tests so you know exactly where you’re vulnerable.  Transparency is very important here.

Then your audit team will improve and evolve your code based on best practices.  The magic word is testing, testing, testing.  They are looking to see if the code is acting appropriately.  If it can be used to do something it shouldn’t.  If it’s transmitting sensitive information.  You’ll know if you can handle massive amounts of input without crashing or compromising a device.  Your app will come out protected, simplified, and running as smoothly as possible.

Likely your app has already be developed.  An audit is an under the hood inspection to make sure your app is roadworthy.  You don’t want to stall out before you get out of the driveway.  And trust us, seasoned hackers are waiting for your app to hit the market.  Are you ready for them?

You can skip the audit process, but you’ll pay for it later.  An app source code audit is now a vital component of the product development cycle.  In fact, it’s important to perform annual source code analysis to continue to check for bugs or breaches.  Don’t risk your investment and show users you’re devoted to their mobile app security.

To learn how Rootstrap can audit your app for peak performance and protection head HERE and get in touch.

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