It was less than a month ago that news giant TechCrunch did a great write-up on a product that found success after going through the Rootstrap process. You can get that story over at the Neon Roots main site in the blog “TechCrunch Talks To Karl House About Veteran Rootstrap Startup Fanbread.” Well, Fanbread isn’t the only one getting some attention from the site. The Glia app is getting some love, too.

TechCrunch had a lot of great things to say about Glia. Here are some highlights:

It’s with an eye toward that hypersensitive political climate that Barry Klein, a longtime political consultant has raised the first capital to grow Glia (named after the neural cells that his wife has researched that are the basis for learning and cognition in the brain).

Along with co-founders Chris Rappley, a longtime startup consultant, and Tahlia Sutton, a product development executive, Klein has developed Glia to be an app that blends Yelp and eHarmony, for what Klein calls “values-based shopping”.


“What we’re able to do is look at what are businesses doing with their money, what they’re saying they want to do, and what their [corporate social responsibility] looks like,” Klein says. “Then our algorithm gives that person a score that matches that individual with that business at that point in time.”


His vision has been intriguing enough to attract Facebook’s employee number one, Taner Halicioglu, as an advisor to the company, and raise roughly $250,000 in seed funding to build out the first generation of products.

Unlike apps like BuyPartisan or BuyCott, which both focus on products and the corporations that manufacture them, Glia is looking at the shops in which people buy their goods. On one level, Klein thinks that people will have more loyalty to a store that shares their values, even if they’re buying products from companies that don’t.

Nothing is more rewarding that seeing one of Rootstrap’s veterans get some great press from an awesome publication. You can read the full article, “Glia Raises Cash To Match Consumers And Companies Around Values,” over at TechCrunch.

You can download the app for yourself by heading to Glia’s official site and start making every choice a statement.


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