Built In Los Angeles has taken an in-depth look at the insane amount of money that Youtube content creators are generating. Their go-to expert on the subject is long-time Neon Roots’ client, Fanbread. Fanbread is a premier content and revenue platform for social influencers, allowing them to generate revenue through monetized content.

From the Built In Los Angeles article, “We’re essentially building a new industry. We’re building a new Hollywood,” said Marketing and Strategy director Jennifer Chang. “You’re seeing a lot of companies trying to support the YouTube influencer space. There’s so many gaps in the market because there is this whole new influx of media. The audiences are tuning in and there is money to be made but the infrastructure and ecosystem just isn’t there yet. Fanbread is different because it not only connects influencers to brands but also plays a key role in the middle by being content producers as well.

This would explain how Youtube sensations like PewDiePie, known for vlogs and video game commentaries, have been able to generate over $7 million each year. PewDiePie may be a controversial figure, spawning just as much hate as praise. For Fanbread, though, the Swedish web personality deserves his healthy income.

He’s making $7 million doing something he’s really passionate about, connecting with people all over the world and I think that’s something that should be really admired. But what is not being told is 5 million other YouTube partners in the ecosystem and a lot of them aren’t making enough money to turn their passion into a full time job.”

Fanbread hopes to step in and help these dreamers find ways to monetize in ways they never thought possible. They have the numbers to back them up, too. In some cases, they’ve helped some creators see as much as 200% increase in income.

Check out the full Built In Los Angeles article ‘FanBread Tells Us About The Industry Behind PewDiePie’s $7M.’

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