This week, our partners at the Miss America Foundation officially announced details on this year’s competition. The “2016 Miss America Competition” will be broadcast live from Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall on September 13th on ABC. It will mark the 95th anniversary of the prestigious pageant.

In 2014, Rootstrap worked with the Miss America Foundation to develop a mobile application that would allow fans to interact with contestants and compete for amazing prizes like VIP passes to the big event. You can learn about Miss America’s road to developing a fun, engaging mobile app through Rootstrap at our CASE STUDIES page.

BRENT ADAMS | Director of Development, Miss America Organization
We worked with Neon Roots and the Rootstrap team to develop the first iteration of the Miss America mobile app for the 2014 Pageant. We found the experience to be an invaluable one. Although we ultimately decided to not move forward with the production of the full build for this year’s pageant, as a Product Owner, it gave me everything I needed to know about the scope of the product I was building the priorities, the costs, and most importantly helping me understand the illusive world of app development. Coming out of Rootstrap, I feel like a more responsible product owner and feel like I have the deliverables to execute on my vision for next year’s pageant.

Keeping tradition, the event will see a representative from all 50 states and 2 US territories compete to take home the esteemed Miss America title.

Rootstrap is always looking for opportunities to work with globally-recognized organizations like the Miss America Foundation, who as a 501(c) 4 non-profit generates millions each year in college scholarships and have become the largest women’s scholarship program in the US.

You can learn more about the Miss America Organization or get tickets to the remarkable event by going to the official site.


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