USA TODAY has been holding their Tech Roundtable via podcast for nearly a year now. They’ve covered a variety of topics from Microsoft’s plunge into augmented reality to the geek response to the Apple Watch release. Recently they discussed the unforeseen decline in Netflix subscriptions and the anticipated rise in driverless cars. From the USA TODAY Tech Roundtable episode description:

The latest Netflix earnings report showed a slowdown in subscribers, which Netflix attributed to a change in new credit cards, and subscribers not updating their accounts.

Or does Netflix just need another hit?

We looked at Netflix, the potential FedEx killer from Uber to offer delivery service in more cities, and the driverless car future. We also met tech startups Shareability, Vertical Mass, SongLily and FanBread.

Among that list of hot, new startups is one that passed through our doors, leaving with a sustainable plan for execution and ultimately as one of Rootstrap’s greatest success stories – FanBread. CEO and founder, Karl House brought his expertise to the Roundtable panel.

USA TODAY’s host of the program, Jefferson Graham, described the company by saying, “FanBread is a tool for celebrities and social media influencers — everyone knows what that is, folks with big followings – to monetize their content by creating mobile, ad-supported websites.”

Karl had some great insight into a variety of the tech topics proposed by USA TODAY. The hour-long discussion is well worth your time, and you can listen to it in full below.

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