The field of mobile app development is rapidly growing. More and more people are obtaining the skills to build next-gen apps and the demographic of those new developers is drastically changing as well. In 2013 an incredible 94% of app developers were male, but a push toward diversity has altered that landscape significantly and for the better.

More women working in app development brings new outlooks, new perspectives, new revolutions. Women make up a majority of app users, so they should be fairly represented in the development process as well.

Tara Chklovski, founder and CEO of Iridescent, recently did a detailed write-up on this exact topic for the Huffington Post. Titled “The Future Of App Development Will Be Diverse And Focused On Social Good,” her piece focused not only on how women are having an impact on development, but also looked at ways to bring more and more talented women into the fold.

Here are her three main factors:

  • Access: By providing girls with free access to educational materials, we can level the playing field globally.
  • Mentors: By connecting girls with dedicated mentors and coaches who guide them through the app development process, the students are able to create world-class apps. One dramatic example occurred in 2014, when a team of high school students developed an app to test for concussions with a lot of support from their coach and mentor. Subsequently they pitched their app in a startup competition, Boston TechJam, and pulled ahead of 49 adult teams to win second place.
  • Space: When students have free and open conditions in which they can experiment, they have a safe place to learn and fail. For new learners (such as girls who have never programmed before), it is critical to have a supportive and accessible experience where it’s easy to start.

Diversity has always been incredibly important to us. Our team is comprised of stellar men and women and our team is represented all around the globe from Los Angeles to Uruguay to Southeast Asia. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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