Factual partnered with Glia to come up with a search and discovery app that would help consumers find businesses that share their social values and political views. The idea was ultimately brought to Rootstrap where we helped them create a complete roadmap to the app’s successful creation.

Factual served as the location data provider for the app. Factual “is a location platform that enables personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences by enriching mobile location signals with definitive global data.” Factual’s data covers over 65 million businesses scattered over 50 different countries and has worked extensively to find ad-targeting solutions and map services for businesses. They recently conducted an in-depth interview with Glia Co-Founder, Barry Klein, giving readers everything they need to know about this amazing app.

Here’s a brief taste:

Q: Why did you choose to build a mobile app (instead of a desktop experience)?
A: This is something that we talk about all the time. It stems from something that I started going down the road on earlier— the idea to give you that “thumbs up/thumbs down” opportunity as you’re walking around. That said, a web app is in our near future with more robust data and features (so you can better understand where the scoring comes from and even get involved in the process).

Q: What’s a great feature about Glia that users aren’t taking advantage of?
A: The main thing that users don’t appear to take advantage of as much as we would’ve thought (and we understand why and try to draw attention to it now) is the User Profile screen. After a user on-boards and swipes in their values, the user profile screen comes up that shows those values and the user has the opportunity to move those selected values up and down (so the most important issues are ranked first). I think what a lot of people do is just hit save right away, since we’re all busy and eager to get to the “wow moment.”

There’s a lot more where that came from. Check out the entire interview at the Factual Blog.


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