Think you have to be a tech geek to build an app? You don’t. Soam Lall didn’t have coding skills, but he had a great idea. He recently sat down for an in-depth interview with the AppMasters Podcasts to talk about the long road to bringing the Kinnecting app to life.

According to their site:

Kinnecting is a new way to meet and connect with other local parents.  

Simply login with Facebook and our algorithm will provide you a list of nearby parents. We use factors such as your mutual friends, children’s ages and gender, interests and location. 

Once Kinnected you can message other parents directly to discuss anything such as local activities, recommendations (from schools to restaurants) or maybe just to setup a new playdate.

Kinnecting is a startup based in Los Angeles, CA. 

Of course, this app didn’t fall from the sky fully-formed. In his interview with AppMasters, Soam talks about how he came up with the idea and how, as a non-technical person, he saw it through its successful development. His journey of idea validation, creating a prototype, and ultimately finding a development shop to build his app is one we’re familiar with at Rootstrap.

In his interview he also discussed bringing his idea to Rootstrap and, taking into consideration of how far along he was, how we were able to get him ready for development and set him up with a premiere team that wouldn’t break the bank. You can listen to the entire interview below or check out “How to Start Building Apps as a Non-Technical Person with Soam Lall” at the AppMasters site.


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