There were just too many hidden costs that can be found in mobile app development to cover in one article. So we’re back with the second half. Last week, we discussed how unexpected additions and unplanned growth can send your budget into the stratosphere. But wait – there’s more! We only unearthed of few of an app’s hidden costs. So let’s keep digging and see what else rears its ugly head.

Testing Tests Your Bank Account

We bet you’d like to think that your app will work perfectly once the last line of code is written. Unfortunately to succeed, your app has to evolve and that means there’s much more code to write. So how do you know everything is functioning properly? You test. You test. And you test some more. These tests, these crucial modifications that come after the initial build, cost money. The cost of testing should always be reflected within your budget and never be an afterthought.

Feeling Secure Isn’t Cheap

Guess what one of the biggest user concerns of the past year was? It was not the color of your background; it’s security. If users don’t feel that their personal information is safe when using your app, they won’t use it. It’s that simple. And it’s not just for individuals. As companies invest in enterprise apps to streamline their business, they have to find ways to keep intellectual property and trade secrets, well, secret. If you only planned on functionality and not security, you’re going to be hit with costs that could sink your app instantly. And keep in mind security issues could arise long after your app has been launched. Will you still have the money to hire a developer to bail you out before all your users dump your app all together?

Seriously, Hidden Costs Don’t Have To Be Hidden

So we stressed this in the last post, but it can’t be stressed enough. These hidden costs aren’t inevitable; they can be predicted and they can be planned for. You just have to have a detail mobile app development plan in place before a single line of code is written. Even if you had an unlimited amount of money to throw at your app to fix any problems that arise, we promise your users aren’t going to stick around long enough to see it finally work.

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