Software Development

code audit

Is your app ready to be unleashed on the world? Are you sure? Just a few minor bugs can kill an app before it’s even had a chance to crawl. That’s what makes a comprehensive analysis of your app source code so important. It can sniff out bugs, any security breaches, or any programming violations. This risk reduction is vital to an app’s successful launch.

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mobile app mvp

You have an idea for a new mobile app. Now maybe you don’t know how to build it, but you know how you’d like for it to look, work, etc. You’re an idea guy or girl. You’re a dreamer – we like those. As a dreamer, you’ve probably fantasized about the launch of your app, the big reveal, that monumental moment that it’s placed in the hands of users and everything changes. That launch, however, will probably look different than you expect… and it should because you should be considering your mobile app MVP.

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Let’s talk best case scenario for your new product. You’ve gone through an intensive storycarding session, you’ve planned your product thoroughly, you’ve done the market research, and best of all you’ve had your product built. Now you launch, and lo and behold your product is a hit. This is great, right? Well, if you didn’t plan for success it could actually be a major disaster.

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