Mobile app development, as with any worthwhile venture, is always better with a plan. A thorough, well-researched mobile app business plan will likely be what sets your idea apart from the legion of apps flooding the market every day. But what makes a good plan? Well, glad you asked. In this series, we’re going to let you in on exactly what you should look for when developing a plan with your mobile app consultant.

For this articles, it’s all about the people. Without users, your app is just pretty pictures on a paper weight. You need to know exactly who is going to be using your app. Why they need it? Hell, if they need it at all. You need to know the market. Of all the parts of this series, this is the most important.  So, obviously, it’s the best place to start.

Not considering your users when developing your app is absolute failure before launch. With app development, success is directly correlated to the marketplace. It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many Product Owners only have their own interest in mind and forget they’re developing something for others besides themselves. They choose ego over hard facts, research, and numbers. Don’t do that.

Know your user, but also, know your enemy. Know your competition. That’s where you start. Your business plan should tell you exactly where you fit in. You might know what apps are successful, but have you thought about why? Luckily for you, you don’t have to spend your nights and days testing every app in the app store. Your mobile app consultant should have detailed knowledge of the current climate, of all the trends. If they don’t have their finger on the pulse, don’t let them lay their hands on your idea.

At its most basic you have to find out who’s interested in what you’re building. Who’s actually going to download it? Will enough people download it to make the money you’re putting in worth it? Don’t build something you THINK people will like, build an app backed by data and market research.  That’s all part of the plan, and when you know your audience, your plan is already in motion.

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