What makes a great startup team? Not just a startup team that gets the job done, one of those teams that churns and burns apps. What makes a startup team that won’t stop until your app is perfect, until you app is ready to take the market by storm?

Without a great team, you can’t produce a great product. Venture capitalists, those big money people, don’t invest in ideas or products, they invest in teams. Ideas are a dime a dozen. The men and women building those products, bringing them to life, are where the real value is. Without the talent to create, there is no product.

So what makes for a well-oiled app startup team? It all begins at the top – leadership. The startup CEO has to lead by example. Their excellence will expire others to be excellent. They’re on the front lines, showing the entire team how it’s done. Bad attitudes and laziness are contagious and neither can be tolerated in a leader.

Of course, a leader serves no purpose without a team. You have to build the perfect crew and that takes communication. Communication is key. At Neon Roots we’ve talked in-depth on several occasions on how communication is the most important part of our day. You can check out our blog post “Why Communication Is The Meat Of A Company AKA The Explicathon” to find out how we’re in constant contact despite being spread across multiple countries.

One Team Made Of Individuals

The perfect team will be autonomous. They’ll know exactly what the task at hand is, but they’ll have a say in when they do it and how it gets done. Of course, this is all about balance. Too much freedom can lead to work not getting done on time. Clamping down too tight could lead to tension and the choking of creativity.

Team members should challenge one another. They’re pursuing a mutual goal after all, and they want to learn and explore. Curiosity breeds creativity.

The best teams are motivated from within. Money motivates, but it usually only motivates a person to get the work done faster, not better. If your team takes personal responsibility in their work, it brings a sense of pride – that pride is powerful. Team members should challenge one another. They’re pursuing a mutual goal after all, and they want to learn and explore. Curiosity breeds creativity. Your team is made up of individuals, working together as a whole, and they should be recognized for both their personal work as well as their work as part of a team.

A lot has to come together, but when it does, you’ll have a kickass team capable of doing anything.

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CEO and Co-founder of Neon Roots Ben Lee is the co-founder and CEO of Neon Roots, a digital development agency with a mission to destroy the development model and rebuild it from the ground up. After a brief correspondence with Fidel Castro at age nine, Ben decided to start doing things his own way, going from busboy to club manager at a world-class nightclub before he turned 18. Since then, Ben has founded or taken a leading role in 5 businesses in everything from software development to food and entertainment.